Where is God?

Where is God?

Sometimes I think to myself, “Where is God when I need him?” Why can’t we see him like Adam did? Why can’t we hear him as Moses did? It would be so much easier if I could hear his voice. Things would be much clearer if I could just ask him a question and hear a calming voice responding directly to me. I wouldn’t have to be unsure of what I should do. I wouldn’t have to wait for an answer. He spoke directly to Abraham. Why not me? Why can’t I hear him?

“Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.” – Genesis 5:24

We don’t know much about Enoch but the little bit that is there makes me wonder what he did to be so close to God. What did Moses or Abraham do that was so special? I keep thinking there must be something about them that they were able to talk directly to him and hear his voice.

How wonderful it would be if I could ask God, “Should I change jobs for more money or should I stay where I am for security and stability of my current position?” God could give me an answer right away without me having to worry whether I’m making the right career move or not. I could ask God, “What should I do with my teenage daughter who is interested in boys and rolls her eyes at me every time I try to give her advice?” God could tell me exactly what to say and how to handle a teenager. I would be father of the year every year! I would have no doubt about what to do because I would be getting advice straight from God. If only I could hear his voice.

Walking with God

As I contemplate what made men like Abraham special, I keep coming back to the verse in Genesis that tells us Enoch walked with God. Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I shouldn’t be asking, “Where is God?” because God is probably asking the same about us or more specifically about me. I can imagine God saying, “Why doesn’t he wake up early every morning and talk with me?” or “Why doesn’t he seek me out first before he talks with his daughter about boys. Doesn’t he know I will give him the words to speak with?”

The men of the Bible who spoke with God were righteous men. They walked with God. I’m here waiting and wondering and thinking I’m not special enough. I start thinking that I don’t have that special gift to talk to him but that’s completely wrong. I need to be seeking him out. I need to walk with God. Instead I try to sleep in a few more minutes in the morning, and then I rush to get ready for work. I find myself on the computer or in front of the TV when I do have free time so I can be entertained and not have to think about anything. Then it’s time for bed and I say to myself, “Tomorrow I’ll pray, tomorrow I’ll start reading chapter one of Genesis.”

Where is God? I think he’s right next to me waiting for me to talk to him. I look back on certain times in my life when I made major decisions and those times when I sought God out and prayed for guidance were the times I knew I took the right path. It wasn’t me being lucky making the right choice but it was God guiding me and opening my eyes to things that I am usually blinded by. When looking for a new job it shouldn’t just be about the money. When talking to my children it shouldn’t be me just telling them what I expect them to do with a list of rules to follow. It should be about me showing them how much I care for them and spending time with them so we can have a real relationship together. A relationship where I would know what they like and dislike. We can have a relationship where we can make fun of each other without hurting one another. And where they can talk for an hour straight and I wouldn’t be tired of hearing their voice. I guess that’s what God wants from me, a true relationship with him.


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